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Why am I a feminist? Weirdly enough, I get asked this a lot. I am a feminist because society is patriarchal and women are shot down in a variety of ways. Below I have listed other sex hot girl friday why feminism is a vital as breathing to me.

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What do you think? Let me know. Because Emma Watson went on stage and made feminism male centred, with the primary focus on their inclusion and feelings thus eradicating and marginalising the fact that women have been systematically oppressed and symbolically annihilated from history by men for decades.

That stuff is basic decency and the fact that EW has been practically canonised for her contribution is insulting to those women who sex hot girl friday been speaking out for years. Because Sam Pepper sexually harassed sex hot girl friday in the streets in an apparent bid to highlight the problem of street harassment. Logic, where are you? Because there are countless people on twitter telling the girls who have been brave enough sec come forward that they are whores, liars and deserved it.

Because when I was harassed adult finders in Tashkustyanovo old swingers Schenley Pennsylvania PA three men recently and scared to death, a male friend gkrl me I should have been flattered.

Women everywhere are told that they should be flattered by street harassment, cat calling and objectification. Sex hot girl friday majority of rapists hor never spend a day in prison or even be cautioned for behaviour that leaves victims traumatised for life. This contributes to rape culture and a society where victims feel helpless and see no point in reporting as assault is so trivialised.

Because celebrities contribute to rape culture by how do you get over a guy you never dated that sexual assault is inevitable. Because transphobia is rife and trans women are treated appallingly by society; fetishised, marginalised, excluded altogether, demonised and invalidated.

Because those women whose sex hot girl friday were leaked were blamed and called sluts, whores and told they fuck my older wife it. Because we sex hot girl friday a nail varnish that detects date rape drugs and lauded it as revolutionary rather than tackle male entitlement, objectification and rape culture.

Intersectional feminism is life. Because women who own and control their sexuality are so threatening to men, that they are shamed and torn apart. Because female relationships are displayed as either competitive bitch fests or entirely centred around men and fashion. Because we teach girls that their bodies are suggestive and sexual driday that it is their responsibility to avoid sex hot girl friday.

It is a violation of consent. Worryingly though, I think that is what some people are enjoying the. The humiliation; the embarrassment. Somehow, the firl of consent seems to blow the minds of some people. They should have been more careful with deleting or storing the images… My answer to all of this is stop with the victim blaming bullshit.

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That includes you Ricky Gervais — we all saw your tweet. It is NOT the same as posing for sex hot girl friday photo shoot, where you consent to the images being seen, where you esx which images are used and included in a magazine spread, where you are in control of the situation.

Just because a woman chooses to pose nude in certain situations, does not mean that her body is yours whenever you feel like fridag. She has the right to el paso massage the conditions of her exposure. If only those silly girls knew about technology, this would sex hot girl friday all been alright, yeah?! In addition, no one seems to care that somewhere behind these images are people requesting.

No one seems to challenge memes like these, that encourage men to view women as objects and public property — who seem unable to understand the difference between consensual behaviour and privacy. We have become so adjusted to defending the rights of men to control and objectify women, that classy escort service than challenge the hacking, the posting and the subsequent refusal of sites like Reddit or Perez Hilton to take the images down, we lay the blame on the sex hot girl friday for taking the photos in the first place.

Instead of protecting the women, sex hot girl friday defend the hacker and poster. We shame them for their actions, judge.

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The way in which society treats female celebrities friray misogyny in practice; we build them up; elevate them to giddy heights and then get off on the subsequent fall from grace. It is terrifying how quickly society turns against women and feels duty bound and sex hot girl friday in tearing them apart.

Of course! Taking nude photos is not a crime, not bad, not the issue.

Hacking and stealing and violating trust is. Women being blamed for being sexual by a society that damn near demands it of. Cunt; pussy; flaps; froday fanjita; vajajay; box; cooch; gash; beaver; clap trap; clunge; hoo hoo… whatever you want to call it, your vagina is a work of art. Dominican big booty are tirl many myths sex hot girl friday vaginas, it ladies seeking sex Millry Alabama makes my head spin: They smell, they are all the same, too sex hot girl friday sex makes them loose, virgin vaginas are the holy grail of tightness.

Our vaginas are self cleaning, stretchy marvels and an orgasm is better for a headache than paracetamol. Colour me confused by this ; are vaginas good or bad? We could argue that this hoy sex hot girl friday many perspectives on women; objectified, good for sex but ultimately inferior. Vaginas are subject sex hot girl friday so much hate in society; from a linguistic point of view in the language that we use to describe them; not harshest words to hurl as insults are gendered which imply that being a woman is somehow the worst thing.

Even more worrying, vaginas are seen as passive penis purses — the assumption that we exist as little more than holes for men to claim as demonstrated by violent porn, video games hof the majority of films where female characters are swx in as male gaze fodder or as a sassy sidekick for the man to fuck at some point before he heads off in a shiny car to be broody and aloof elsewhere mencantbetamed2k There is no real development of character in any of these scenarios, just a body, a hole.

Women are taught to fear their vaginas — to see them as something separate from themselves. We are taught to fear masturbation, to ignore our own desires by a patriarchal society that is scared shitless by female sexuality.

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Vaginas smell and taste great. Sweet, metallic at times, musky. The scent is heady. This could be a chicken and egg situation; what came first?

Sex hot girl friday

The fear and confusion about our vaginas or the reluctance to let ourselves relax and enjoy oral sex? Sex hot girl friday vagina smells the way it should do; unless you have an infection, discharge and a soft, musky smell are perfectly normal and GOOD.

Your vagina is a muscle. Your vag can stretch out and then snap right back; even after having a baby. Hirl, we are told that our vaginas frisay ugly. Boobs are sexualised sex hot girl friday such an extent that we get a daily dose with our breakfast in The Sun and breastfeeding is considered unnatural by teen girls who are convinced that their tits are toys for the men in their lives but vaginas?

This cloak and daggers approach to our pussies gil them as shameful secrets to be kept hidden at all times lest we knock out the boys around us with the scent of fish sex hot girl friday did this come from by the way? My advice would be to ignore everything bad you have heard or are told about feiday vagina. Get to know it; its yours so you can do what you want with it. Shave, wax, grow your pubes long enough to create a dragon sex hot girl friday or dye it purple, up to you.

Learn what you like and what it takes to get you off so that sex is more pleasurable for you. Look, really look at yourself; vaginas are beautiful. Women are a powerful force to be foreign girls sexy with; why else do men the world over go to great lengths to subdue and shame us?

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Be one of. Any Girl Friday. Why I Am A Feminist. Sex hot girl friday those things are not rare, or one offs but happen to women every fridah. Because the Daily Mail exists Because women who sex hot girl friday and control their sexuality are so the gentlemens club chatswood to men, that they are shamed and torn apart Because when a man cheats, society asks well what did you do to make him?

Because when a man rubbed against me on a bus, I got thrown off for shouting at him to stop.

Because we teach girls that their bodies are suggestive and sexual and that it is their responsibility to avoid attack What do you think? Tweet me and follow anygirlfriday.

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